This is a compilation of frequently asked questions that, in our experience, can Sugar during his visit to our online store.

I am not a professional, do I buy?

No, our website is dedicated only to wholesalers, professional and trendy shops.

What steps have to continue to purchase any item?

The articles are divided into categories, once in each category will be able to see models of each.

  • Clicking on each picture will be larger, will have to buy only add to click and choose quantity, size and color.
  • Anytime you can see your order by clicking on "See Basket".
  • When he completes his purchase, click "See Basket", finalise purchase.
  • At that time, you get another screen where introduce all their data.
  • Finally, once introduced will leave the order with the data included for verification are correct and if you have to pres "Order Confirm".
  • At this time there will be an Order Number and your purchase is already done.
  • Please note the order number or print it.

The prices include VAT?

The prices listed without taxes, add 21% or 21 +5,2% according to each case.

What forms of payment accepted?

  • The most common and cheapest is through transfer to our account (the account number is provide once placed an order).
    To expedite the shipment, it is very important to fax:00 34 91 539 10 99 or e-mail: pedidos@calao.net proof of your transfer.

What is the minimum amount per order?

The minimum order is 300 €

Is there a minimum purchase per item or pack? - NO

There is no minimum purchase or minimum pack item. You can buy the units you want in each garment. However, sometimes for reasons of availability can be sent a size or color similar to that requested.

I can not buy. I'm having trouble po surf the web.

It is possible that your browser does not accept cookies, without them it is not possible to operate on our site. You can activate them in:

  • Tools - Internet Options - Privacy

What is the deadline for delivery of order?

In about 7-10 days (approx) will spend an e-mail informing the end of your order and the same amount including postage if necessary.
Once received his transfer, asked him to reach his home at about 24-48 pm (except Baleares-Canary which may be longer).

Do you have stores that we can visit the wholesalers?

We can see in any of our stores where you can check the quality of our articles.

Do you have trouble viewing the website?

Update your browser. Please view this site correctly, click on the icons below to update your browser. This website is optimized for the latest versions of browsers, take a moment and update you.

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